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Friday, March 8, 2013

Review:Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger-Sentai Hero Vinyl Deka Red

Sentai Hero Deka Red

Hello ladies and gents, I haven't reviewed anything because I forgot that my phone was a camera! Not that its a great one but good enough. Today a review for the Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Deka Red! otherwise known as Jack the SPD Red Ranger from Power Rangers SPD. I have a lot of memories concerning the Dekaranger suits, I remember I saw the entire season of Power Rangers SPD and it was one of my favorite PR Seasons. Since this is the Dekaranger vinyl he'll be addressed as Ban. Banban Akaza is a rather interesting Character, In fact he's completely different than his Power Rangers counterpart (from what I've seen). He's crazy but awesome. He fights using his Guns and or hands (fists).He is part of the S.P.D. Fire Squad which consist of Deka Reds, He wasn't the first choice for earth's Deka Red. Of course he has the D-Magnum 01 and 02
Both D-Magnums are Painted 


Nothing Special, just made to display the figure, it's somewhat collector friendly. Mine tends to fall over and wont stand up properly. I has a couple pictures in the back too for the other vinyls and displays the accessories. 


Deka Red is made out of a soft Vinyl plastic and is pretty malleable. He has all the necessary detail to look nice, the side emblem on the right arm says "Police". It looks fantastic and it's not too skinny either. It's fully painted except for the SP licence at the back and the sole of the boots which are black. 
It has a pretty good build, not unrealistic.
One thing that bugs me is the lack of sentai gloves. 
Good sentai boots.
It has a holster to hold the D-Magnum

The other holster is just there for decoration, it doesn't hold the other D-Magnum.
He can hold both Guns on each hand.
As for articulation, his arms go around 360, and he can turn at the waist 360 too. Not much but it is a vinyl figure so don't expect too much. It would have been nice to have a Hybrid Magnum and for the other holster to hold the gun but its still a nice figure. You should be able to find it on Ebay for a cheap price. I love this figure and I recommend getting it if you're a fan of the show or the character. 

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