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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Power Rangers Samurai - Gold Mega Ranger 4 inch Figure

    To be completely honest with you, I haven't seen the whole Power Rangers Samurai show, I saw the first couple then stopped. I saw the Mega modes and the Gold Ranger. Anyways, Power Rangers Samurai started in 2011 and it uses most of its footage from the Japanese Tokusatsu Show by Toei called Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. as for the character who's name is Antonio in Power Rangers, is a friend of Jaden the Red Ranger. I believe his Zord is either the Lobster or the Squid Foldingzords (Ebi or Ika Origami). Now to the figure which you can get at Toys R Us or some other toy store. Its height is about 4 inches tall and is mainly a  tan-ish color and black. The only accessory is the sword, it sucks that it doesn't come with the barracuda blade. The Sculpt is nice and it uses the exact same helmet and not a new one like the others. A Fun Fact is that this show had some original footage which where these suits. And the sword was exclusive to the U.S., its just gray plastic.

Articulation is standard, it can go in and out and forward and back, the elbow bends and it has a swivel at the wrist. No waist articulation, the neck is on a ball joint and the legs go in and out, forward and back and the knee bends. Its feel can swivel too. The downside to the sculpt is that it limits the articulation around the arms due to the "armor" he has. Gladly, he can still pull of some impressive poses. Its nice, and by far my favorite. Something else is that it has the Samuraizer stored in the belt and the thing that holds the belt on the other side. Its loose on my figure and tends to fall off easily. Its overall an impressive figure but the it lacks the Gold and shiny finish the suit has. It is also a small figure and its about $10, the 6 inch figures from long ago were nicer to be honest. Its a lot smaller than the Figuarts figure but it's still nice. If I had to give it a grade it might be an A- (F being the worst) While not the best figure, its not the worst, its a toy, and it has the things necessary to be a toy. I highly recommend it if you like this figure.

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