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Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Bandai Creation Godzilla Final Wars (2004/05) 10"

Now as for the lack of updates go... to be completely honest, I've been playing minecraft and I've been on Youtube. erm.... anyways Here's the Review
Now, Unlike my previous reviews I will be using Images from a long time ago (March 3 2011). So I Hope you like this. Anyways the Bandai Creation Goji is about 20 Dollars in Toy R Us which is probably the only place you'll find it. This guy is about 10'' even it says its 12''. This was my 2nd Godzilla toy and I had a lot of fun with it. I made a video called Godzilla: Destruction Of Lego City Which got removed by UMG Due to a "Copyright Violation" or something. So Now back to the figure, It doesn't really look like Godzilla from the movie but it kinda does give it a unique look to it. Its just black plastic with white, yellow, orange... thats about it.
Its hands are articulated and the neck is too. Tail has 3 segments and its curled up so it could fit in the box.

The Legs move (Duh)

It kinda gives him a Grrr feel to him because of his size and look. His body is kind of... slanted tho, you'll see it if  you look at it from the front.

That's about it, I love this figure, and I recommend it if you're into Godzilla, big figures or just something you want.

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