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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai: Super Samurai Blue Review

Another Toy Review? whats going on with me? I posted one a while ago and I'm not sure if you liked it or not but I will make another one nevertheless. This is Super Samurai Blue Ranger (or Water Ranger) the Character in civilian mode is Kevin the owner of the Dragonzord (not the cool one). This is after he uses the Black Box, which he will get a vest. The vest looks pretty cool and it would look better with a hat to be honest. You can see the Shiba logo on the vest. The Sculpt is basically the same as the regular version with minor tweaks. The face has the symbol for water.  
The Sword is the same as the regular version although it has a big hunk of plastic that's supposed to be the Black Box. As always the only painted bits are the Silver and the black... that's it. I like the Spinsword's (Shinkemaru's) design. All the detail is there and to be honest its almost the same size as the Figuarts version. 
The back has the Black box Logo which looks pretty cool, sadly the back is not as accurate, and by the back I mean the little "tail" things from the vest. Articulation is meh, Its pretty standard and again hindered by the sculpt *cough* shoulders *cough*, It still looks pretty cool, the Head is on a ball joint, the arms go in and out, forward and back. It has an elbow joint, and the wrist rotates. The Legs go in and out, forward and back, knee joint and the leg rotates. Its not too disappointing because all the other figures have the same articulation. The Height, again he's 4 inches tall like the others and its not that bad really. 
And that's a little "display" of what its capable of. Not Much but Its worth the price which is about 10 or less. You can find him in Toys R Us, Walmart, and Amazon. He looks A-OK, and not too bad (better than the mega mode).

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