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Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Review: Gamera (1965)

Alright, so good-ol-Gamera, I saw this movie while browsing the Internet (Just looking for "Gamera"), Now I've wanting to watch this movie for months now and finally I get to watch it. Now Gamera is Daei's version of Godzilla who was made years prior (Gojira 1954) and Now Gamera is a rival along with Ultraman which was in 1966.

Now before anything I will tell you a bit about this 60 meter Kaiju. Gamera is pretty much a giant turtle with the ability to breathe fire! He also eats it... and he can fly. Of course like many Daei monsters he is ultimately light, compared to Godzilla who is over 60,000 Tons. As of Now He's been in all 3 eras, the Showa, Heisei and the Millennium! He is known as Friend to All Children or Guardian of the Universe. I think this is the reason why Goji went all Kiddie on us and turned into a Karate Chopping monster around the 70s. Showa: Happy Time, Heisei: Dark and Gloomy, Millennium:.... go check it out.


Now the story begins somewhere in either the South or north pole (maybe Russia or Alaska) In which a zoologist and a news reporter talk to a couple of Eskimos. A couple of planes pass by and they are regarded as the "Devil's Bird" and eventually shot down by American planes. The Zoologist is given a stone, which has a couple waves and two turtles. They are pretty much referred to as "Gamera", who supposedly is a legend. As the two planes are shot down a crack opens in the ice and Gamera comes out ultimately destroying the Ship the Scientist and the Reporter came in (Additional note, there is also a girl in this story although I know nothing of her role). The Reporter refers to the girl as his "Goddess of Good Luck" since he drew the lucky card and allowed him to leave the ship while other reporters wanted to come. They go Home, some kid with his turtle, who is obviously obsessed with turtles. His father and the girl (Who's his sister) Want him to release the turtle (Who's named Pee-wee) and he leaves him in a little home. Gamera is seen by some presumably drunk guy who thinks its a Will-O-the-wisp (a spirit) later drops the idea and says its one of them UFOs which all the youngsters talk about these days. He destroys a lighthouse and saves a kid who was dumb enough to go up to see this turtle.  The next day he goes back to check on Pee-Wee and doesn't find him there and now believes its Gamera! Gamera destroys a couple cities they lure him with fire and doesn't work, the kid intrudes and tries to convince them Gamera is good. They freeze him, doesn't work and Gamera falls on his back. They all laugh because the Gargatuan Turtle hides in his shell thinking He's ashamed of Losing. Now He starts to Fly! and He leaves going all "SAYONARA SUCKERS!!" They Lure him again with fire and send Rail cars with Oil to keep fire burning, the kid goes into one of those almost getting killed and a guy saving him. Plan Z is developed, yet again being lured by Fire and they conceal him in a case sending him to space with the kid saying "I'm going to be a scientist one day so I can visit him".


Now this is a good movie, good plot, good effects and the miniatures were good also the suits and the effects. Has a lot of monster scenes, even more than Gojira 1954. I suggest you watch it in Japanese with english subs. 

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