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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kaiju Math Time

*please note that this was one of my Deviantart Journal Entries a couple months ago*
So, today  I was fooling around with Godzilla, I saw the S.H. Monsterarts PV Commercial from Gigan05's YT Channel and Saw that Godzilla was in a slanted position not in an erect one. So doing so I saw the Movie "Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 2" I saw that Goji was indeed slanted and so I checked his Stats and gave me a height of 328 feet (100M) I also figured out that a car was the size of MechaGodzilla 2's wrist (not even, maybe like half + i dont have one so I cant use one for reference). Since I like my buildings up to scale with my Kaiju I tried to figure out how big the buildings would be. I looked in the internet and I stuck to 1/600 scale (Goji is about 6 inches tall [in an erect posture] and thats 1/2 ft so he's about 1/600 scale [if it was showa it would be 1/300 scale])  and I looked for items. Looking around I saw the pictures for dioramas and checked the cars and I also went to Godzilla Wiki and It gave the size of the masers (which are about 2 stories in height or 3 if you count the tip aka about 1.5 cm) I found more Diorama pics and tried to see how the Hell they made those. Anyway, so my search continues and I find a video of a showroom with Godzilla and a city in to what seems to be in scale (Goji's foot can't fit into a street that can hold 4 cars he needs one that can hold about 24 side by side to fit completely[ foot to foot]). So with that a car is 2/10 of  a CM in with and 3/10 in length (about). anyway... a maser tank is about 2 stories high (remember 1 floor is about half a centimeter) and 4 stories in length. I'll give you more in the end. So Godzilla is slanted which gave me the question of "Is godzilla 328 feet tall in a slanted posture or an erect one?" so I chose erect and I'll just think that they said that and that Goji is just slanting. 
Use this to figure it out: 10 ft= 1/2 cm

Dog-fighter jet: 30 ft from wing to wing and 40ft from nose to tail.
Maser Jet (Green one): about 35-40 ft from wing to wing and 40 ft from nose to tail
Super X-2: 40ft wide about 30 ft tall 85 ft long

Remember this might be inaccurate but I'm using from what I know and from what I measured.

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