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Monday, May 7, 2012

What I bought in the past week (end)

So I spent over $150 and now I sort of feel guilty for spending that much...
Anyway here's what I bought, They will arrive by the end of the week...
Mechagodzilla vinyl... mine will have a tag, I was going to buy the one with out it and I accidentally checked out the one with, so I spent an extra $3

Heisei Godzilla, finally I own one, this one looks cool in its own right.
Heisei 1991 8" King Ghidorah. I was going to get the one with a tag but that would be about $35 more.
Last but not least, 1991 8" scale Mecha King Ghidorah!
Yes, I got this one instead of the 6" one because like I said, I prefer my Kaiju in scale with each other.

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