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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thinking about something


well, since one of the 1st godzilla movies I saw was Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla vs Megaguirus I've wanted to make one. The Millennium design has stayed with me, the Greenish hue and the Purple spikes and Red Breath Beam. anyway, I found an Orga for $40 and a Godzilla 2000 for about the same price. Megaguirus is really, really expensive, the one I found was for about $80.


I guess I'll try my best to work for it and I might manage to get Godzilla, not sure about Megaguirus.

Further thoughts

The video will be Green screen and not much destruction of city, will have City scenes but not many and he'll just be walking around shooting and explosions. Orga is going to be hand manipulated (well duh) His hands are bendy enough for me to slap godzilla with them. Megaguirus is going to be a pain since she moves quick. I guess she'll have to be stop motion, the flapping of the wings are going to be annoying. The effects... I'll have to study since mine are "OK" looking, Godzilla's beam is going to be easy, its nothing more than rotomating and tracking. Megaguirus' flight will be a challenge. Orga... I don't think its going to be difficult, just don't expect him to try and eat godzilla.
Godzilla 2000

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