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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

S.H. Monsterarts UX-02-93 Mechagodzilla

Since I was being super lazy for the past weeks I didn't want to do this, well here it is.
Here are the accessories, you only get the beam if you got the 1st release of the figure.

Getting it in can be annoying since the teeth are in the way and you don't want to damage them. It looks cool and It looks like it was in the movie.

You also get this stand for the beam.

This is the flight head extension since his head can't look up.

All you do to the regular head is just pop it off and change the neck piece.

See, now he looks weird...

Up next are the hands and Tail that you need, one is straighter than the other and the other pair look more like karate chop hands.

You'll get this.

The plasma grenade piece for his stomach.

It looks  great

the black pieces are made out of metal, you'll find them on his elbows, and torso or stomach where you put the plasma grenade.

His knee

His feet (including toes) and the Ankle guard.

Of course his head rotates and his mouth opens

His arm is on a ball joint so it can go up or down and left and right.

He has a hinged elbow so he can do this.

This hands are on a hinge and they can rotate.

His torso allows him to go up and down and left and right.

His leg in on a hinge which is attached to a ball joint.

see, you can adjust the height of his leg...

He has a hinge and a toe joint.

His foot in on a ball joint.

It can go up or down, left or right.

Of course he can go in and out for his legs.

Same with the arms.

He looks great with Godzilla.

The box is awesome btw, its one of the coolest ones, although it is small (maybe because of the tail since it doesn't need much space)

Overall the Figure has great detail and looks just as it did in the movie. For his "History" go here, its about the movie and what happens in it. The pieces look great and just add more to the Character, you can make an animation although the legs might be a bit of a problem due to the fact that they are indeed heavy. Watch my animation Here, its Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. I think you'll like this figure for what it is (its pretty much just about $68 at and 78 elsewhere) He is a great addition to your collection and if you have Garuda you know what that means :D

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