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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mechagodzilla (Heisei)

Mechagodzilla (93)
                      As much as I love the Millennium Mechagodzilla (aka Kiryu) I also like the design of the Heisei one. Although not as realistic (its Godzilla so its not realistic anyway) as the millennium version, he's still pretty cool in his own right. He has a Megabuster, paralyzer missiles, rockets and the plasma grenade. He can conbine with Garuda to create Super Mechagodzilla.
               Mechagodzilla was created by U.N.G.C.C. and controlled by one of their branches which is G-Force. "Created from the remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah" He was created from futurian technology. His plates are made from artificial diamond which repels heat. He is 120 meters high and about 150,482 Tons, so he's huge and heavy. The original machine created was Garuda which was made to fight Godzilla but "Garuda's fighting capabilities were limited" so they built Mechagodzilla. Now Godzilla shows up and Mechagodzilla is sent to fight him. He flies to Godzilla and almost kills him for the1st time with the paralyzer missiles. Godzilla counters this with his own shocks of "thunder" and cripples Mecha-G from inside out, of course knowing the U.N.G.C.C., which they don't understand that tanks won't do crap, they send G-force (aka a bunch of tanks and planes) which leads to (what a big surprise) G-force being destroyed and godzilla leaving. Anyway, they fix Mecha-G for his next battle which was with Rodan (Radon same thing) and he ends up killing him. Of course while getting fixed he was modified so that he could combine with Garuda. Anyway Godzilla shows up and he fights Mechagodzilla but 1st being attacked by Garuda (which he just shakes of) he fights Mecha-G! He almost beats G-forces robot and Garuda combines and forms super Mechagodzilla and almost kills Godzilla... again. Rodan gives his energy to Godzilla and he shoots a Spiral at SMG and destroys him, so thats the end of Mechagodzilla and Garuda.
            Although not the most popular he's still got some good toys, which I will name the ones I have or want.
Here we have a vinyl, He looks great and He's just awesome. I wan't one... badly... and he's just so hard to find and expensive. It looks like him and thats about it, I don't think Bandai made a standard vinyl of Super Mechagodzilla, its a shame really.
Trendmasters 10" Mechagodzilla, which looks Great too. I want one

This one is one that I own, UX-02-93 Mechagodzilla from S.H. Monsterarts, Fantastic figure I must add.

And thats about all I can say about the Character and the Heisei version of Mechagodzilla.

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