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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mecha-King Ghidorah!

I dont know much about this character due to the fact that I barely paid any attention to the movie, seriously I expected more Godzilla scenes but noooo... ugh. Anyway, I did pay enough attention to know that this is a different style Mecha. If you notice Mechagodzilla is all metal, not a single piece is Godzilla-ish (we're talking heisei here), Now we look at Mecha King Ghidorah and he's pretty much just a King Ghidorah with armor and the word "Mecha" mecha attached to it. Please note that I'm not talking about the Godzilla Island version.
which seems to look all Mech no organic pieces. and I think I see a pair of Mechagodzilla legs. Well anyway, lets go back to Mecha King Ghidorah. So, to be honest he looks pretty cool (even if he's not a traditional Mech... I wonder if Gigan is part mech...) Anyway, so supposedly he comes from the future to beat godzilla, and he ends up in a lake somewhere. I don't remember  to be honest T-T. The movie was filled with humans and I couldn't keep attention, I know they wanted to make a plot but It just had so little to do with Godzilla.
At least we got to see how Godzilla came to be.
Well back to King Ghidorah. Well to be honest I really like this design, It looks better than the almost toothless Showa version. His wings are huge! although you might not be able to see his eyes you can still see his teeth and they look fierce! as for Mecha King Ghidorah, the silver pieces and parts look super cool and they really go well with King Ghidorah's golden scales. The Mech head looks cool too, the little green and red lights and colors look cool too.

See? the colors look great and they just fit the character.
 Thats it for today.

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