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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm absolutely bored.

Today I have nothing to actually do, but I do have something to say.
My vinyl Mechagodzilla is on its way and might get here today.
picture by Gigan05, go check him out in

So yeah, expect a couple of pictures for that. In other news, I wanted to start a Mechagodzilla short (a far longer one) but I just can't come up with anything. There was a Taro short, and a Mechagodzilla vs Spacegodzilla one too... a Vinyl Melee one, all of which are cancelled or unfinished. I did manage to finish shooting for MGvSG and Vinyl Melee.
  1. The vinyl Melee had GMK Goji, Gigan and 74 MG, and because I had 2 showa monsters I tried to make it funny.
  2. MGVSG That was a Monsterarts Rumble, Its finished... I just don't like it and It will cause an uproar with MG and SG Fanboys.
  3. Finally The Taro Short, yes, I won't reveal much but I would use the Chogokin Taro and vinyl Monsters.

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