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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I really need to get one

I know you will not know this in any way, my first Ultra-act and Ultraman and Tamashii Figure was Urutoraman Reo, and In a far less Important note, Ultra-act Goruza.
Anyhow, I Love my Leo Figure, its great its amazing and It got me more into the Ultra Series.
I own both Leo and Astra

Now I did make a video called Ultraman Leo vs Golza, My 1st Attempt was for the TokusatsuReviewV3 which was the Intro for the Review... honestly I gotta tell ya It Sucked!
I attempted to try it again for my channel.

So yeah, that was my second attempt which was a lot better (although sucks to my new standards).
Anyway, I had Pre-Ordered Astra and It had arrived just in time.

Although It was my 1st time playing around with effects (The Leo Astra Double Flasher)
even to this day Im proud of it.
I used Gimp for those then I downgraded to Paint.
Today Im much better with effects and Stop motion although I still suck at making Stop Motion with Humanoid Figures... I like Kaiju since they Have tails to support themselves.
I'm planning on making another one with Leo, as soon as I get a better camera, lighting, after effects CS5, sony vegas and Dragon frame. :P
Im getting Magma soon I hope.

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