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Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: UX-01-92 S.H. Monsterarts Garuda and Effect parts for MechaGodzilla

Of course in case you don't know, S.H. Monsterarts is Simple Heroic Monsterarts
which means they will capture the image of the character and keeping maximum poseability.
They are super poseable and kinda small but very durable.
This is the Tamashii Exclusive Garuda!
As for story:
Garuda was build as an attempt to create a machine that would keep Godzilla away, sadly its fighting capabilities were limited and Mechagodzilla was build from Mecha King Ghidorah's remains.
As MechaGodzilla was crippled Garuda had to be modified to combine with Mechagodzilla and beat Godzilla, sadly it ended in both machines getting destroyed.

This is the box, in front you see the Garuda Project Logo and it looks amazing, seriously! This box has a very shiny cover and looks like a metal case.
In the back you see the Mechagodzilla head and UNGCC ( United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Center- G Force being a subsections of this.)

So Far its great and it looks good. Anyway lets move on

Now 1st we have these "lovely and non-deadly" Looking hookshots which almost killed Godzilla by grappling on his 2nd brain but the 1st time countering the electric shocks and crippling G-Forces Mechagodzilla!
Now we have the Garuda Lasers (Yes not Masers) which shoot from Garuda's cannons. 
He comes with a stand which has the UNGCC Logo
He comes with the piece that attaches Garuda to the stand.

Now as for Garuda itself, its just amazing! It looks just like in the movie from the front view and it has the wings on the sides too, along with the cannons and the cockpit. I believe Garuda is made out of plastic, I thought he was going to be metal but I was wrong, I'm still happy with this though. 

It looks great from the side, and you can see the large laser cannons. 

Now of course the Cannons are Poseable, up or down.

The back looks great, and the thrusters or rockets look good too.
They can move since they are in a sort of ball joint. 

The Cockpit can move up or down the rail but that's for the Super MechaGodzilla transformation only.
*you can also see two additional lasers on the side of the cockpit, the silver ones*  

The bottom looks great too, just look at the cylinders and its sculpted perfectly.

The G-Force Logo, although I think in the movie it had a different one.

Now to put in the lasers just take out the little lego clear thingymabobs and switch them with the  lasers. 

Now for the Henshin!
Just take out the pieces which were on Garuda. 
Replace the ones that were on the side with these, they will allow Garuda to fit perfectly.

You'll get this later.

But this on Mechagodzillas Back.

Right about... Here! 

See, its not rocket science! haha 

And as I had previously stated, just move the cockpit down.

Here is Super Mechagodzilla! it looks AMAZING! This almost killed Godzilla in the movie, Garuda had to be modified to fit. 

Here are the evil hooks that drove into Godzilla's thighs and electrified Godzilla's brain and crippled him.
Godzilla was later saved by Rodan and He defeated Super Mechagodzilla with one Spiral Beam!

The two look great together, its freaking awesome! and by the two I mean Garuda and Mechagodzilla

Now here are the other effect parts and Garuda, all are from G-force or the UNGCC.

Now as for price, I got this for $69 more or less on ebay. Its sold out almost everywhere and if you find one, I'm more than sure you'll find it for over $100. He makes a great addition to your collection and I say he's worth it if you really like Space ships or military ships. It looks great on his own or with Mechagodzilla. You might want to get this if and only if you really love Godzilla.

Yes another one.

One of my favorite shows is the Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya! (I really need to get the Manga)
and of couese my favorite character is Yuki Nagato who has the ability to change anything due to the fact that to her everything is data (think of it as the HTML).
anyway, A second would be of course, Haruhi Suzumiya herself!
She can change anything in just a moodswing and she is thought of as a GOD In Koizumi's organizasion...
well 3rd of course, its Mikuru Asahina... a very Moe character...
She does get annoying at times (Kyon would deny this) but she can be awesome!
She usually gets abused by Haruhi being forced to wear cosplay outfits (eg. Nurse, Maid, Cheerleader).
and before I move on to another character Im going to say that she is a time traveler and a battle waitress! Mi Mi Mikuru BEAM!
the 4th person is Koizumi (the last to join, Kyon being the 1st [not counting Haruhi] 2nd Yuki and 3rd its Mikuru!)
Koizumi is an sperer! (Not sure how its spelled)
he has super powers... just not in our dimension...
He stops the monsters in Haruhi's enclosed spaces and can shoot energy beams!
and last but not least, its Kyon... whose full name is mentioned in the credits of the Adventures of Mikuru Asahina being Kengo something...
Anyway, he's just a normal fellow who can't do much but change Haruhi's mood, his sarcastic comments make him funny and he narrates the story (even tho the title is Haruhi Suzumiya and you'd expect Haruhi being the narrator!)
He later finds out that he has an ability or he's important as the others.
we'll thats all I'll say for now, ciao!


I don't know if you will understand but its 10:05 AM so you can guess where I'm at...
anyhow, here's a picture :p

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates

Seriously! I have to get used to this, my last post was like 20 days ago! ugh...
Woot MECHAGODZILLA! Yeah I finally got one and I love it although im not too happy about the die-cast legs...

well I hope to finally put up a review of something soon.

Monday, April 9, 2012

This is going to be more like a review site! woop